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PTFE Membrane Housings

The Headline Membrane filter consists of a highly porous PTFE membrane in a PTFE housing with two bypass ports and inlet and outlet ports. The ports are designed to allow for permanent pipework, thereby enabling easy maintenance of the filter membrane. Within the housing 3 angled venturies cause the gas to be rotated beneath the membrane, helping to keep the membrane clean and at the same time allowing the finer gas molecules to pass through the membrane for gas sampling and leaving the larger liquid molecules to exit through the bypass ports. Further benefits of the Headline Membrane Filter are that it is extremely inert and is recommended for most applications, the only exception being hydrofluoric acid. It is always recommended to use a coalescing pre-filter and to use the membrane filter as the last form of protection. The membrane is currently available in high flow applications.

Principal Specifications

Housing Model GMS105P GMS205P
Port Size - NPT 1/4" 1/4"
Maximum Pressure - Bar 7 7
Maximum Temperature - ºC 100 100
For more information please click link GMS105P Data Sheet GMS205P Data Sheet


Further Information

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