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771P - 780PC Polypropylene Housings

Headline polypropylene housings are available two versions: all polypropylene with matching polypropylene bowl, or with lower cost polycarbonate bowl. Housings for element sizes 25-64 to 25-178 are available. Each housing configuration is available without a drain for particulate filtration, or with a manual drain for coalescing applications. Thes housings are widely used in low pressure systems requiring low cost filters, with the good chemical resistance polypropylenr provides.

Principal Specifications

Housing Model 771P 780P 771PC 780PC
Port Size - NPT 1/4" 1/2" 1/4" 1/2"
Drain Type - BSPP Manual(1/8") Manual(1/8") Manual(1/8") Manual(1/8")
For housing without drain order 772P 775P 772PC 775PC
Max. Pressure - Bar 7 7 7 7
Max. Temperature - ºC 50 50 50 50
Filter Element Codes (1)        
Disposable Element 25-178-xx 25-178-xx 25-178-xx 25-178-xx
PTFE Element PT-25-178-xx PT-25-178-xx PT-25-178-xx PT-25-178-xx
For more information please click link 771P Data Sheet 780P Data Sheet 771PC Data Sheet 780PC Data Sheet
  772P Data Sheet 775P Data Sheet 772PC Data Sheet 775PC Data Sheet


(1) Replace ‘xx’ with grade required, e.g. 25-64-50C, PT-25-64-03

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