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DIF-IN - DIF-LK In-Line Filters

Headline Intermediate and Large Disposable In-Line Filters are available in two port or three port configurations for particulate and coalescing applications respectively. Large DIF's are also offered with threaded ports (1/4"NPT): simply add 1/4"NPT to the product code.

Principal Specifications

Housing Model (1) DIF-INxx DIF-INxxC DIF-LNxx DIF-LNxxC DIF-LKxx DIF-LKxxC
Main Connection - mm ø6.3 ø6.3 ø12.7 ø12.7 ø12.7 ø12.7
Drain Connection - mm None ø6.3 None ø8.0 None ø8.0
Max. Pressure - Bar  7 7 7 7 7 7
Maximum Temperature            
°C at 0 Bar 110 110 110 110 110 110
°C at maximum pressure 50 50 50 50 50 50
Filter Element Size 12-57-xx 12-57-xxC 25-64-xx 25-64-xxC 25-64-xx 25-64-xxC
For more information please click link DIF-IN40 Data Sheet   DIF-LN40 Data Sheet   DIF-LK40 Data Sheet  
  DIF-IN50 Data Sheet DIF-IN50C Data Sheet DIF-LN50 Data Sheet DIF-LN50C Data Sheet DIF-LK50 Data Sheet DIF-LK50C Data Sheet
  DIF-IN60 Data Sheet DIF-IN60C Data Sheet DIF-LN60 Data Sheet DIF-LN60C Data Sheet DIF-LK60 Data Sheet DIF-LK60C Data Sheet
  DIF-IN70 Data Sheet DIF-IN70C Data Sheet DIF-LN70 Data Sheet DIF-LN70C Data Sheet DIF-LK70 Data Sheet DIF-LK70C Data Sheet
  DIF-IN80 Data Sheet DIF-IN80C Data Sheet DIF-LN80 Data Sheet DIF-LN80C Data Sheet DIF-LK80 Data Sheet DIF-LK80CData Sheet


(1) Replace 'xx' with grade required, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, e.g. DIF-IN40, DIF-LN60C

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