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DIA-MN - DIA-LN In-Line Adsorbers

Headline Disposable In-Line Adsorbers consist of nylon bodies filled with granular adsorption material with integral inlet and outlet filter pads. Four sizes are available, containing from 6cc to 120cc of adsorbent. Flow rates are the same as for grade 50 elements in the same size bodies. However, with adsorption, more important considerations will be the volume of adsorbent and the contact time. A range of adsorbent materials is available, and those are detailed below.

Principal Specifications

Housing Model (1) DIA-MNxx DIA-BNxx DIA-BKxx DIA-INxx DIA-LNxx
Main Connections - mm ø6.3 ø6.3 ø6.3 ø6.3 ø12.5
Max. Pressure - Bar 8.5 8.5 8.5 7 7
Maximum Temperature          
°C at 0 Bar 110  110 110 110 110
°C at maximum pressure 50 50 50 50 50
Volume - cc 6 11 11 53 120
For more information please click link DIA-MNCC Data Sheet DIA-BNCC Data Sheet DIA-BKCC Data Sheet DIA-INCC Data Sheet DIA-LNCC Data Sheet
  DIA-MN4A Data Sheet DIA-BN4A Data Sheet DIA-BK4A Data Sheet DIA-IN4A Data Sheet DIA-LN4A Data Sheet
  DIA-MN13X Data Sheet DIA-BN13X Data Sheet DIA-BK13X Data Sheet DIA-IN13X Data Sheet DIA-LN13X Data Sheet
  DIA-MNSG Data Sheet DIA-BNSG Data Sheet DIA-BKSG Data Sheet DIA-INSG Data Sheet DIA-LNSG Data Sheet
  DIA-MNMB Data Sheet DIA-BNMB Data Sheet DIA-BKMB Data Sheet DIA-INMB Data Sheet DIA-LNMB Data Sheet
  DIA-MNPP Data Sheet DIA-BNPP Data Sheet DIA-BKPP Data Sheet DIA-INPP Data Sheet DIA-LNPP Data Sheet
  DIA-MNHO Data Sheet DIA-BNHO Data Sheet DIA-BKHO Data Sheet DIA-INHO Data Sheet DIA-LNHO Data Sheet


(1) Replace 'xx' with adsorbent grade, CC, 4A, 13X, SG, MB, PP, HO e.g. DIA-MNCC, DIA-NPP, DIA-LN4A


Adsorbent Code Uses
Acitvated Carbon CC Adsorption of hydrocarbons and other organic vapours
Molecular Sieve 4A 4A Adsorption of CO2,NH3,H2S, SOx
Molecular Sieve 13X 13X Adsorption of CO2,NH3,H2S, SOx, aromatics, amines
Silica Gel SG Adsorption of water vapour
Mixed Bases MB Removal of acidic gases, CO2,SOx,NOx, HCl
Potassium permanganate PP Removal or SOx and other acidic gases
Hopcalite HO Removal of CO by catalytic oxidation to CO2


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