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134CC - 146VPCC Housings

Stainless Steel Adsorption Housings

Headline’s range of stainless steel adsorption filters are frequently specified for applications requiring a large volume of adsorbent. 

For pressures above 100 bar, the HP & VP ranges should be used. These filters can be used in high pressure applications providing vapour adsorption over a full range of line pressures. Considerations will be the volume of adsorbent and the contact time.

Principal Specifications

Housing Model 134-ADS 134VP-ADS 146-ADS 146VP-ADS
Port Size - NPT 1/4" 1/4" 1/2" 1/2"
Max. Pressure - Bar 100 100 100 100
Max. Temperature - ºC 200 200 200 200
For more information please click link 134-ADS Data Sheet 134VP-ADS Data Sheet 146-ADS Data Sheet 146VP-ADS Data Sheet


Adsorbent Code Uses
Acitvated Carbon CC Adsorption of hydrocarbons and other organic vapours
Molecular Sieve 4A 4A Adsorption of CO2,NH3,H2S, SOx
Molecular Sieve 13X 13X Adsorption of CO2,NH3,H2S, SOx, aromatics, amines
Silica Gel SG Adsorption of water vapour
Mixed Bases MB Removal of acidic gases, CO2,SOx,NOx, HCl
Potassium permanganate PP Removal or SOx and other acidic gases
Hopcalite HO Removal of CO by catalytic oxidation to CO2

Further Information

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