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360 - 360AFI Aluminium Housings

High Efficiency Coalescing Filters

This filter housing range is constructed of an anodised aluminium head and with a choice of either an anodised aluminium bowl or, for lower costs, a Polycarbonate bowl. 

Differential Pressure Indicators can be installed on many Headline Filters to give positive visual indication of the need to change elements. Differential Pressure Indicators can also be built into thehead on many models.

Principal Specifications

Housing Model 360 360F 360I 360FI 360A 360AF 360AI 360AFI
Port Size - NPT 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4"
Drain Type (1) Manual Automatic Manual Automatic Brass Automatic Brass Automatic
Max. Pressure - Bar 10 10 10 10 16 16 16 16
Max. Temperature - ºC 50 50 50 50 120 120 120 120
Filter Element Codes (2)                
Disposable Element 25-64-xx 25-64-xx 25-64-xx 25-64-xx 25-64-xx 25-64-xx 25-64-xx 25-64-xx
For more information please click link   360 Data Sheet 360F Data Sheet 360I Data Sheet 360FI Data Sheet 360A Data Sheet 360AF Data Sheet 360AI Data Sheet 360AFI Data Sheet


(1) Automatic float drains require minimum 1 bar pressure to function correctly.

(2) Replace 'xx' with grade required, 50C, 70C or CC. CC cartridges are not used in housings with automatic drains.

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