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Finite® Alternatives

Headline Filters are the original manufacturers of these types of filter housing and filter elements leading the way for the past 28 years.

Headline Filters can offer completely direct replacements to Finite® due to industry standards & grades, even if you have a one off housing or special requirements we can still assist you in your needs. So why not contact us or one of our global distributors for a compative quotation.

Use this chart to determine the Headline equivalent to the specified Finite® grade. Match your size codes (prefix) to the grade code (suffix).

Please consult us if you cannot locate your part number.

Aluminium & Stainless Steel Housings      
Aluminium   Stainless Steel  
Headline Filters® Finite® Headline Filters® Finite®
360A-1/4" HN1S 137G-1/4" (100psig) S1P
360A-3/8" HN15S 138G-1/2" (100psig) S2P
360A-1/2" HN2S 137G-1/4" (100psig) S1PS
370A-1/4-127 HN1L 138G-1/2" (100psig) S2PS
370A-3/8"-127 HN15L 137G-1/4" (150psig) S1M
370A-1/2"-127 HN2L 138G-1/2" (150psig) S2M
380AHP-3/4" HN3S 820SS4VMP SC3
380AHP-1" HN4S 820SS5VMP SC4
385AHP HN6S 122B S1R
390AHP HN8S 120B S5R
    122P T1R


Conversion Chart  
Headline Filters® Finite®
30 2
40 4
50 6
60 8
70 10
80 12


Disposable Filter Elements      
Coalescing   Particulate  
Headline Filters® Finite® Headline Filters® Finite®
12-25-50C 6H04-010 x 10 12-25-* G04-010 x 10
12-32-50C 6H04-013 x 10 12-32-* G04-013 x 10
12-57-50C 6H04-023 x 10 12-57-* G04-023 x 10
25-51-50C 6H10-020 x 8 25-64-* G10-025 x 10
25-64-50C 6H10-025 x 8 25-178-* G10-070 x 10
25-127-50C 6H10-050 x 4 38-152-* G15-060 x 10
25-178-50C 6H10-070 x 4 51-230-* G20-090 x 10
38-152-50C 6H15-060 x 4 51-476-* G20-187 x 10
51-89-50C 6H20-035 x 4    
51-230-50C 6H20-090 x 2    
51-476-50C 6H20-187 x 1 *Use Conversion Chart Above  
Headline Filters® Finite® Headline Filters® Finite®
12-25-60C 8H04-010 x 10 12-25-*K T04-010 x 10
12-32-60C 8H04-013 x 10 12-32-*K T04-013 x 10
12-57-60C 8H04-023 x 10 12-57-*K T04-023 x 10
25-51-60C 8H10-020 x 8 25-64-*K T10-025 x 10
25-64-60C 8H10-025 x 8 25-178-*K T10-070 x 10
25-127-60C 8H10-050 x 4 38-152-*K T15-060 x 10
25-178-60C 8H10-070 x 4 51-230-*K T20-090 x 10
38-152-60C 8H15-060 x 4 51-4765-*K T20-187 x 10
51-89-60C 8H20-035 x 4    
51-230-60C 8H20-090 x 2    
51-476-60C 8H20-187 x 1 *Use Conversion Chart Above  


    Particulate Diesel Emission Test Filters  
Headline Filters® Finite® Headline Filters® Finite®
12-25-70C 10H04-010 x 10 12-57-50S 6T04-023 x 10
12-32-70C 10H04-013 x 10 25-64-50S 6T10-025 x 10
12-57-70C 10H04-023 x 10 25-178-50S 6T10-070 x 10
25-51-70C 10H10-020 x 8 51-230-50S 6T20-090 x 10
25-64-70C 10H10-025 x 8    
25-127-70C 10H10-050 x 4 12-57-70S 10T04-023 x 10
25-178-70C 10H10-070 x 4 25-64-70S 10T10-025 x 10
38-152-70C 10H15-060 x 4 25-178-70S 10T10-070 x 10
51-89-70C 10H20-035 x 4    
51-230-70C 10H20-090 x 2    
51-476-70C 10H20-187 x 1    


Disposable In-Line Filters & Adsorbers      
Standard Nylon Filters   Short Spigot  
Headline Filters® Finite® Headline Filters® Finite®
DIF-BN* IDN-*G x 10 DIF-BN*-SHS- 1/8" IDS-4S-*G
DIF-BN* IDN-F* x 10 DIF-BN*-SHS- 1/8" IDS-4S-*F
DIF-BN* 1/8" IDN-4S-*G x 10 DIF-BN*-SHS- 3/32" IDS-3A-*G
DIF-BN* 1/8" IDN-4S-*F x 10 DIF-BN*-SHS-3/32" IDS-3A-*F
DIF-BN* 3/32" IDN-3A-*G x 10    
DIF-BN* 3/32" IDN-3A-*F x 10    
DIF-BN50I SDN-O x 10 *Use Conversion Chart Above  
Standard Nylon Adsorbers      
Headline Filters® Finite®    
DIA-BNCC SDN-A x 10    
DIA-BNSG  SDN-J x 10     
DIA-BN13X  SDN-M x 10     


Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Filters  
Headline Filters® Finite®
122 FFC-116
315ALHP - 1/4" FFC-112SAE

The user, through their own analysis and testing is solely responsible for product selection and ensuring all reasonable safety and warning requirements of the application are met. We reserve the right to make design changes and improvements in our products at any time without notice.

We are a leading worldwide supplier of high efficiency filters for a variety of industries and applications. Our goal is to provide the industrial market place with competent, competitive and timely filter solutions. By offering our premier brand, Headline Filters, we are able to provide equivalent and alternative solutions to Parker Filters, Balston Filters, Finite Filters as well as a multitude of other filter brands. We supply Disposable inline filters & absorbers, emission filters, compressed air filters, gas filters, stainless steel filters, exotic filters, analyzer filters, guardian membrane separators, fast loop filters, high pressure filters, natural gas filters, plastic filter housings, adsorption filters, dehydration filters, and more.